[Festive Friday] The Muppet Christmas Carol

Greetings, one and all, and welcome to another edition of Festive Friday. This week it is the turn of another seasonal must at Cinematic Delights HQ, The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Starring the fantastic Michael Caine alongside a host of your favourite muppets – including Kermit as Bob Cratchit, Miss Piggy as Emily Cratchit and the Great Gonzo as Charles Dickens – this 1992 film is a fantastic Christmas film that will capture the imagination of everyone both young and old.

Empire magazine sums the film up as: “Vastly enjoyable despite the syrupy, soppy song bit in the middle (go make a glass of mulled wine during it). Michael Caine is perfect in the role and there are many genuine belly laughs.”

I’d agree with the belly laughs part though I must confess that I enjoy the singing!

I grew up watching Seasame Street, and there is something timeless about Jim Henson’s puppets. While animatronics and CGI continues to evolve, there’s something very special about them. The Muppets is getting great reviews and I’m sure – when it’s eventually released in the UK – Kermit and co will be exactly the same characters as I loved 20 years ago.

These are three of my favourite clips from the film, courtesy of YouTube:

– the wonderful Marley and Marley

– Bob and his son, Tiny Tim, an adorable duo

– my absolute favourite scene – it’s such a catchy tune!


6 thoughts on “[Festive Friday] The Muppet Christmas Carol

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  1. Very nice, Claire. I didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street so I only saw a couple of episodes, but they sure are fun. Wow Michael Caine and The Muppets, what a combo 😀

  2. This is my favorite Christmas movie. I hope when The Muppets makes it way to Blu-ray next year, this will make the jump as well. What’s your opinion of the extra scene between young Scrooge and Belle? I only ever saw the VHS version of the film, so I didn’t know it was never included in the theatrical version. It’s a beautiful number, but it’s the only really sad piece in the movie which I can understand why it was taken out. This one is truly delightful.

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