Films watched and reviewed in December 2021

Festive favourites reigned supreme in December, as they normally do at this time of the year. In among the fake snow and sugary-sweet children there were a few non-holiday films: Hello, My Name Is Doris (2015) was a wonderful watch and a role played to perfection by Sally Field. I also rewatched Mean Girls (2004),... Continue Reading →

Questing to find a new favourite Christmas film

Watching festive films is now as synonymous with the holiday season as listening to Christmas songs while wrapping presents and enjoying a glass or two of Bucks Fizz. What constitutes a Christmas film is a hot topic. "A Christmas movie is like a Christmas song – you don’t want to listen to it except at... Continue Reading →

Remembering Cary Grant

It has been 35 years since the death of beloved screen icon Cary Grant, who passed away aged 82 on 29 November 1986. Born Archibald Leach on 18 January 1904, Grant took the name 'Cary Grant' at the request of Paramount Studios who signed the actor in the early 1930s. Hollywood legend says that he... Continue Reading →

Films watched and reviewed in October 2021

Well, spooky season seemed to fly by, didn't it? I had a busy month with several wedding-related appointments (I said 'yes!' to my boyfriend when he popped the question in September) but I did squeeze several films in, including a trip to the cinema to see No Time To Die. 1ST TIMERS The Farewell (2019) -... Continue Reading →

Horror films: Can I finally stomach them?

Growing up Geraldine McEwan’s portrayal of Mortianna the witch in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) haunted my dreams for years. As did my brother’s plastic Dracula mask that – with the benefit of hindsight – I now realise wasn’t particularly frightening at all. If I did, on the very rare occasion, decide to take... Continue Reading →

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