[Movies of the Month] September


The Secret Life of Pets
– Not quite as clever or humorous as I was hoping for but certainly a good kids flick. ★★★½

The Reef 
– This Australian independent certainly tries but fails through weak acting, unengaging characters and by being hugely predictable. ★★
Below – Interesting idea but poorly executed. ★★½
Open Water – Feels very realistic but lacking intensity.  ★★★½
This Is Where I Leave You – A good, but not great, combination of laugh-out-loud and more poignant moments. ★★★½
The Shallows – An excellent addition to the survival genre.  ★★★★
The Legend of Tarzan – Engaging with interesting character development; successfully avoided becoming trite. ★★★★
Zootopia – There are so many things to enjoy about this film, from the lovable characters to the attention to detail and the plot line tackling very serious issues. ★★★★
Me Before You – Thought-provoking with engaging characters; Clarke and Claflin have great chemistry. ★★★★
Everybody Wants Some – In true Linklater style, a fly on the wall’s view at the entertaining first days of college.  ★★★½
Room – The hype was definitely deserved. ★★★★½

Fright Night – Light-hearted, entertaining and action-packed. ★★★½
The Sixth Sense – A great film but slower than I remembered; once you have seen it is understandably not as enjoyable on subsequent viewings. ★★★½
Bad Neighbours – Second time I have seen this and the rewatch was much funnier than I rembered. ★★★½

Total: 14

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 10
1st timers: 63
Rewatches: 46
Total: 119

[Movies of the Month] August


Into the Woods 
– Shot well, with great turns by Blunt, Corden and Streep, but the mish-mash of accents is very irritating. ★★★
Rogue – Tense Australian indie that’s let down slightly by poor CGI and some wooden acting. ★★★½
The Nice Guys – Crowe and Gosling are the perfect pairing! Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and a great step back in time. ★★★★

Kill Bill: Volume 1 – Probably my favourite Tarantino film. Q&U created such a  spirited, kick-ass character in The Bride. ★★★★
Kill Bill: Volume 2 – One extended film would have been too much; two parts are perfect. A fitting conclusion. ★★★★
Wayne’s World – An excellent feel-good film that will have you quoting lines for days after. ★★★★
Total Recall – Action-packed from start to finish with a good lead in Farrell. Can’t comment on the fact it’s a remake as I haven’t seen the original. ★★★½

Total: 7

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 9
1st timers: 53
Rewatches: 43
Total: 105

[Movies of the Month] July


Miss You Already 
– Emotional engaging from start to finish; very well put together. ★★★★
The Monuments Men – An interesting story with some poignant moments coupled with comedic ones. Isn’t particularly standout, though, considering its all-star cast. ★★★½
Mr. Holmes – This captures the infamous Holmes at a different point in his life. McKellen delivers a great performance and while it is a slow burner, it keeps your attention throughout. ★★★½
Allegiant – As the story progresses the concept and becomes intriguing. It’s a shame that the final edition will be straight-to-DVD. ★★★½
Predestination – Definitely a sci-fi mind-bender, leading you to question ‘have I got this right?’ multiple times. ★★★
Pressure – A fair few ‘on the edge of your seat’ moments but the characters aren’t particularly likeable. ★★★
Dead Calm – Interesting concept and the leading trio give good performances, especially Zane. ★★★½

Top Gun – An oldie but a goldie, this never fails to have me quoting and singing along. ★★★½
The Way – Uplifting and inspiring, Sheen is perfectly cast and carries the film well. ★★★★
Now You See Me – Part way through I realised I had already seen this film, which doesn’t say a lot for it. My rating is based on the special effects and the concept of the film rather than the delivery of it. ★★★

Total: 10

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 9
1st timers: 50
Rewatches: 39
Total: 98

[Movies of the Month] June


4th Man Out 
– Quite entertaining but ultimately forgettable. ★★½
Rain Man – Uplifting and thoughtful, I can see why this is considered a classic. ★★★★
L!fe Happens – Amusing and thoughtful in places. However, the stars go to Bosworth’s fantastic, bolshie character. ★★★½
Hackers – Entertaining and completely of its time. Is this ripe for remake? My friends say ‘yes’. ★★★½
The Hundred-Foot Journey – Enjoyable from start to finish. I have found an Achilles’ heel for the might Mirren, though: her French accent needs more work. ★★★★
Today’s Special – Very slow with uninteresting characters. ★★
A Walk in the Woods – Nolte does a great job as Katz but Bryson lacks intensity. Perhaps this was Redford’s performance. Perhaps it’s how Bryson is in real life. ★★★

Scream – The original slasher film and best. ★★★½
X-2: X-Men United – Cox’s Stryker adds some gravitas to the canon, and this film certainly take a darker turn because of it. ★★★½
X-Men: The Last Stand – The grand finale puts a variety of mutant abilities on display. Special effects have certainly improved since then (2006) but this does still hold its own. ★★★★
X-Men: Days of Future Past – Action-packed from start to finish, I still think that the bringing together of the ‘classic’ X-Men actors with the new team worked very well. ★★★★½

Total: 11

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 9
1st timers: 43
Rewatches: 36
Total: 88

[Movies of the Month] May


Special Correspondents – Plenty of laughs and while predictable in parts, ultimately very enjoyable. ★★★½
Captain America: Civil War – Action-packed from beginning to end, i particularly enjoyed that it answered the question of what happens after the baddies have been caught and the ‘heroes’ have left the scene. ★★★★
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – Better than I was expecting! It stays faithful to (and enhances in parts) the overall plot with, of course, added zombies. ★★★½
Deadpool – Very entertaining and refreshing to watch a Superhero flick that doesn’t take it’s self too seriously. Very bloody, though. ★★★★
How to be Single – Entertaining and relatable; Dakota Johnson is a fairly likable but dull lead. ★★★

I Am Love 
– Well acted and shot, but ultimately slow and dull. ★★★

The Impossible – Moving and perfectly cast. ★★★★
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – A stellar cast but I still find my attention wandering. ★★★
Star Wars: The Force Awakens – I’m still loving this film; entertaining, uplifting and leaves you wanting more. ★★★★½
Guardians of the Galaxy – See above. ★★★★½
X-Men – Still holds its own many years later; McKellen and Stewart make up for some fairly wooden acting in parts. ★★★½

Total: 11

Since 1st January 2016 

New releases: 9
1st timers: 36
Rewatches: 32
Total: 77