[Movies of the Month] September


What We Did On Our Holiday 
– Tennant, Pike and Connelly lead this fantastic British romcom that remains grounded and doesn’t pander to a happy Hollywood ending. ★★★★
Love, Rosie – Great casting but far too sugary sweet. ★★★
The World’s End – Entertaining but not in the same league as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. ★★★½
Monsters Inc. – Very enjoyable – about time I ticked this off! ★★★★
Flawless – Two worlds collide in this interesting drama and that would have been enough for a good drama; the addition of the crime scene wasn’t necessary. ★★★½
Prince Avalanche – Sweet, ambling drama that reveals that Rudd and Hirsch have great chemistry. ★★★½
The Gamechangers – An intriguing glimpse into the world of gaming and the opposition it faces. Paxton is a scene stealer though at times it seems biased towards the gaming industry. ★★★½
R.I.P.D. – Not the finest comedy but an interesting idea with many laugh out loud moments★★★½
The Decoy Bride – A British romcom that particularly appealed to me for the ensemble cast, likeable leads and beautiful scenery. ★★★★

Avatar – A visual masterpiece with an inspiring – if somewhat familiar – story. ★★★★

Total: 13

Since 1/1/15 

New releases: 7
1st timers: 59
Rewatches: 52
Documentaries: 1
Total: 119

[Musical Monday] Introducing Vindsvept

While trying to find atmospheric music on YouTube to accompany us as we played Carcassonne, my boyfriend and I stumbled across the Swedish composer and musician that goes by Vindsvept.


As far as I’ve been able to find out, ‘Vindsvept’ isn’t a Swedish name or word. It appears to be made up; an original pseudonym for a talented musician who creates beautiful, emotive music.

After listening to his catalogue, my boyfriend and I have our own favourites. The below are mine. Have a listen and see what you think. Perfect background music to a game of Skyrim or Dungeons & Dragons, wouldn’t you agree?

  • You can also check out Vindsvept on Youtube

Girl power! Recommending a ‘girly action film’

The other day, a friend on social media asked: ‘Can anyone name some girly action films? Suggestions please!’

She was looking for a film to watch that evening and the suggestions were quite interesting. Firstly, they included ones I would have given myself, including: Sucker Punch, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Hunger Games.

There was also Charlie’s Angels, which does fit, but then the rather bizarre romcom suggestions of Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman and Maid in Manhattan. Perhaps the person who gave those only read the ‘girly’ part of my friend’s question.

There was also the rather genius suggestion of Jurassic Park, as ‘all the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are female’. They weren’t wrong; the dinosaurs are all female and the film certainly is action-packed.

Being female and having a strong interest in film remains unusual.

British film magazines Empire and Total Film have both reported that their readerships are predominately male, at between 75 and 77%. In fact, Empire is the second biggest UK men’s monthly magazine (May 2014).

However, the gender split in cinema admissions is much more equally at 48% male and 53% female, according to Digital Cinema Media. You could write an essay as to why being a film fanatic remains a traditionally male hobby when so many women visit the cinema, but I’ll save that for another time.

Going back to the question of ‘girly action films’, I thought that 2011’s Haywire was fantastic. Starring MMA artist Gina Carano, it’s an action-film through and through, with Carano taking on the role of a black ops super soldier.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (both the Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace versions) is another example, though the plot does lean more towards the crime and drama genres. It’s still an example of a fierce, strong leading lady that you would be a fool to doubt, though.

[Movies of the Month] August


Wet Hot American Summer 
-Lighthearted, enjoyable comedy that preludes the Netflix original series. ★★★½
Mansome – Engaging documentary-film fronted by Jason Bateman and Will Arnett that explores male grooming. ★★★½
Daawat-e-Ishq – Mostly enjoyable but too predictable. ★★★
About Time – Bill Nighy steals the show in the film that I found when deciding I wanted to watch a ‘comedy, romance sci-fi’. ★★★★
The Time Machine – These stars are awarded for the emotive OST rather than the barely scary antagonists and average acting. ★★½
National Treasure: Books of Secrets – Not quite as exciting as the first film but a fun adventure romp nonetheless. ★★★½

For a Few Dollars More – Another excellent outing by The Man With No Name; the haunting sound of the pocket watch will stay with you forever. ★★★★
Predator – An Eighties classic, this remains one of my favourite films to rewatch. ★★★★
Predator 2 – It’s an interesting premise bringing Predator to the city, but it’s no match for the first and very gory. ★★½
Predators – This has negative critics aplenty, but I’ve always found it to be well constructed and acted with the right amount of nods to the first film. ★★★½
Alien – The original and best, the tension is palpable. I would have loved to have seen this on the big screen when it was released. ★★★★½
Aliens – Ripley’s back and the universe in which the story is set starts to reveal itself, bringing morality and corporate greed into the equation. ★★★★½
Alien 3 – David Fincher’s directorial debut that he’s since disowned, while this isn’t on the same level as its predecessors, it does score points for taking the story to such an intriguing environment. ★★★

Total: 13

Since 1/1/15 

New releases: 7
1st timers: 50
Rewatches: 51
Documentaries: 1
Total: 109

What’s your fantasy nationality?

If I belonged to a race in Skyrim I’d be a Nord.

If I lived in Westeros I’d be from Winterfell.

And if I lived in Middle-earth I’d be from Rohan.

No, I haven’t been doing quizzes on Buzzfeed. These are references to races and places in works of fantasy that I feel I ‘fit’.

The ‘Skyrim’ reference is thanks to my boyfriend, who thinks he would be an Imperial. While I visually look like a Nord thanks to my height, blonde hair and blue eyes, he also reasons that it’s because I prefer cold weather.

Preferring the cold weather and having a penchant for medieval architecture is why I’d be from Winterfell, despite looking more like a Lannister.

I’d feel quite at home in Rohan due to my love of horses. I also feel that while Hobbiton would certainly have a jovial atmosphere and all the home comforts you could desire, Rohan has the grassland and rugged countryside that I would so love to explore with my dog.

Do you feel that there’s a particular fantasy race or place that you have an affinity for?


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