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UK-based movie blogger with a passion for The Lord of the Rings, international films and Cary Grant’s filmography.

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A dream comes true: meeting the supremely talented Sir Patrick Stewart.
Meeting Sir Patrick Stewart in 2012.

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  1. Hi Claire, thanks for dropping in to my website, ‘Screen & Script’. I’ve been neglecting it a bit lately because I’m busy updating my other sites….but I’m really excited about your comments. I enjoyed reading your website and your job sounds amazing.

    1. Thanks Cilla 🙂

      My blog is sort-of an ongoing project as I’d love to eventually write for a movie magazine. What other sites have you got? I’ve read your new post, I really like Ewan McGregor, he’s a very versatile actor. I haven’t seen any of his more recent films at the cinema though, I think the last film I saw of his was Miss Potter on DVD a few weeks back!

    1. Thanks Matt! I love writing and enjoy watching movies so why not write a blog to home my random thoughts?! Keep up the good work and hi to Brian too 🙂

  2. Hey Claire, just ran into your site through a “movies” tag on WordPress. Really enjoying it and will definitely keep coming back by! See you went to Cardiff University – I recently have become addicted to “Doctor Who”. I know they’re headquartered in Cardiff, ever see any filming going on there? Anyway, just wanted to drop a quick line – check my blog out if you get a chance!


    1. Hi Matthew, thanks for your kind words.

      Which series of Doctor Who are you on? We’re part way through Series 6. It’s on hiatus at the moment and will be back in September which feels like ages away!

      I know a few places where they have filmed but unfortunately never spotted them. Ever seen Torchwood? Their HQ is in Cardiff Bay and there is a sort-of ‘fan shrine’ where people have left notes to Captain Jack and co.


  3. We started the series a few weeks ago and are now at the beginning of the fourth series, still with David Tennant as the Doctor. Tennant is going to be hard to beat, I’ve really enjoyed him as the Doctor, but I’ve heard good things about Matt Smith from people who are further along than me.

    That’s awesome you can leave little notes and such for the Torchwood gang! It’s really taken me by storm though, I think it is my favorite series I’ve watched since Lost went off the air last year which makes it beat out Mad Men, Dexter and Twin Peaks. So much into it, in fact, that I just got in my maroon special ordered Chuck Taylor’s the other day – a subtle way of being a fanboy haha.

    1. That’s ace! Hope they’re comfy!

      I thought David Tennant was a great Doctor. You’ll have to let me know what you think of Catherine Tate. At first I found her quite annoying 😛

      So what are you currently watching? Just Doctor Who? At the moment I’ve been watching TV series and film franchises. I finished watching the Alien franchise last night. The fourth one sure is gory!

  4. Just Doctor Who at the moment with the occasional Twilight Zone (original series run) episode interspersed. When Dexter and Mad Men return, I will definitely resume both of them, and I always try to have a steady stream of feature films in the queue, time permitting.

    Never actually gotten through the entire Alien series – I’ve seen Alien and Aliens, but never the Jeunet or Fincher installments. So much to watch and so little time! What’s your next franchise on the list? I’d like to tackle Kieslowski’s Trois Couleurs trilogy soon (Red, Blue and White), it’s been on the list for a LONG time.

    1. You know, I never got into Dexter. Completely missed it! I think I would have enjoyed it, though. It’s been around for a while now hasn’t it?

      Haha, you’re quite right! So much to watch and very little time! I’ve always favoured Predator over Alien so thought I better watch all of them as not to be bias 🙂

      Well, I think The Pacific is next actually. I watched Band of Brothers for the first time a few weeks back and, even though the war genre isn’t really my bag, really enjoyed it. To celebrate Raider’s 30th anniversary, I may watch all the Indiana Jones films too.

      Interesting choice! I have heard of the trilogy but don’t know that much about it. Are you a fan of world cinema? II showed my better half Pan’s Labyrinth the other day and he really enjoyed it. He compared it to taking acid, though!

  5. Yeah, I Dexter is going into its sixth season I believe. I didn’t really care about getting into it at first, but then when my girlfriend started watching it, I sat through a few episodes and ending up really liking it.

    Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Predator before. All the guys at work talk about it constantly and I plan on watching it soon, but it just keeps getting put off. Maybe I need to move it up on my list a bit!

    Yep, I’m definitely a world cinema fan. I can enjoy almost anything as well as its a good story, so my interest span from silent films to foreign movies to avant garde to more conventional action thrillers. Pan’s Labyrinth is a great film! I recently watched del Toro’s previous effort The Devil’s Backbone and really enjoyed it a lot as well! (Hellboys aren’t bad either!)

  6. Claire, is there an email address where I can reach you? Couldn’t find it on the site. Had you in mind for a new feature.

  7. Hi Claire,

    Stumbled on your blogs today, always good to see a fellow movie buff. Agree with your DiCaprio as best actor statement, especially since Gangs of New York his work has been immense. More of an old movie fan myself and tend to review older films. Just starting out in the blogging world~ All the best.

  8. Hi Claire
    Hope the new job is going well – miss you at CG!
    Saw Laura at the cinema last night… Made in 1944, you may never even have heard of it, but it is a classic film noire. To see it in a cinema was really great – all the glory of the b&w photography could be seen in the way it was intended – Joseph LaShelle won the Academy Award for Best Black and White Cinematography.

    1. Hi Mike, good to hear from you!

      Just looked at the first paragraph about Laura and it sounds intriguing, and quite complicated too! It feels like it has touches of Twin Peaks and Edgar Allan Poe…

      Got any more cinema trips lined up?

  9. Going to see The Artist tonight. Rave reviews, black and white, sounds interesting.

    Saw Rampart and Fly Fishing in the Yemen last week. Rampart was hard going, in a good way, portrayal of a man out of the time and falling apart whilst still serving on the front line in the LAPD 1999. Woody Harrelson was excellent, worth a nominatioon IMHO – it and the film stays with you and keeps you thinking. Well worth seeing, but not an easy one.

    SFITY on the other hand… a subtle, satirical, funny and clever book reduced to a feeble rom-com which was painfully unfunny. Rather like one of the poor salmon prepared for the table – all the guts taken out!

  10. I like your website. I’m a big movie buff and love to get other people’s views on what they think about certain movies. Jennifer Lawrence is also becoming one of my favorites. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment – hope you enjoy my posts! Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic, but Emily Blunt is definitely creeping up as a continued favourite too.

  11. Nice blog! Even though I’m really jealous about your photo with Sir Patrick Stewart. How was the meeting with him? Did you had time to chat?

    I do see quite a few favorite topics in common with you so you have certainly gained an interested reader in me.

    1. Thank you!

      He was charming but, as I’d spent so much time building up the courage to speak to him, we didn’t have a very long conversation. I met Sir Ian McKellen that year too; Magneto and Professor X within the space of 6 months!

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