Friday special: An early Christmas list

Yesterday, I received my weekly newsletter from Weta. One of the things that was featured on the post was a stone pendant engraved with the White Tree of Gondor. This got me thinking, what else is on the market for a film fan wishing to add something to their collection inspired by their favourite films? Here’s my five film-related items that are available to buy.

1.Forbidden Planet – V for Vendetta mask – £4.99

This plastic V For Vendetta mask comes with an elastic strap for adjustable wear. Why not buy a bunch of these ready for Halloween or, more appropriately, Guy Fawkes’ night.

2. Truffle Shuffle – Han Solo t-shirt – £29.99

This company has a huge range of fantastic film-related t-shirts but it was this one, featuring a guitar-playing Han Solo, which caught my eye. I’m not sure if a lightsaber really is Han’s style, but a guitar certainly is! What do you reckon, could Han be a guitar playing God?

3. Firebox – Batman bathrobe – £52.99

I’m 99.9% sure that this bathrobe is what Bruce Wayne slips into after a busy night fighting crime – it sure looks comfy!

4. Weta – Kong and V-Rex bookends – $64

With these two beasts supporting your book collection, they are sure to never fall down! An official collectable from Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake of King Kong, the bookends were sculpted by Weta Workshop’s Shaun Bolton and Bill Hunt.

5. Weta – Bag End – Collector’s Edition – $249

What a beautiful model this is. A limited edition of just 1,111 pieces, at the time of writing, just 88 pieces were left to buy. Created by some of the same artists and craftsmen who work on Weta’s movies, it received the ‘nod of approval’ by Dan Hennah, John Howe and Alan Lee who were jointly responsible for the Bag End set before being put into production.


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  1. Oh awesome movie memorabilia! The Han Solo t-shirt is definitely cool although a bit pricey. The V mask is also quite excellent although if I was to buy my first one, it would be the one in Step Brothers.

    1. I don’t remember that bit! I’ll dig out my copy and have a watch.

      I love the Han t-shirt, too. I always find lots of t-shirts I want from that website but they’re always in the mens section! 😛

  2. HAHA I am sorry but this is verging on SAD. I have to quite often take a reality check and draw the line in my geekitis.

    Apart from a t shirt, which I like to be subtle, and only people who know would know. My fave at the moment is my

    ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ T Shirt which you would think was just for a chicken restaurant unless you watched Breaking Bad.

    I know that lots of people like memorabilia, but it is not for me.

    Great post though Claire, I enjoyed the read!!

    Hope you are well

    1. Scott, you meanie 😛

      Memorabilia like this isn’t for everyone but there’s some great stuff out there. The Bag End model is so incredibly detailed – the artists are very, very talented.

      Shaun has a few Star Wars t-shirts plus a Top Gun one. The mens’ t-shirts are always better than the girls’ ones! I’m more of a dress kinda girl though anyway 😛

  3. Like Scott, I like to remain subtle with my film t-shirts – I’ve got a great Jaws t-shirt with Quint’s shark drawing etched on the front of it.

    I like the stuff at Last Exit To Nowhere but I sometimes find the images are too big.

    As for other movie memorabilia, I’m not much of a collector myself. I have an unopened Alien figure which was given to me as a present and a few posters/framed photos.

    My prized possession is probably my signed programme from a David Mamet play called Speed The Plow which I saw at the Old Vic theatre in London. Afterwards we waited at the stage door and got Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum’s autographs. That was a great day!

    1. Oh wow, meeting Kevin Spacey and Jeff Goldblum must have been awesome! Spacey owns the Old Vic, doesn’t he? I have Keira Knightley, Elisabeth Moss and Ellen Burstyn’s autographs from when I saw them in The Children’s Hour.

      I have a few bits and pieces including a Batman print, which is No 5 of 75. He’s my favourite superhero so when I saw it, I had to buy it!

      PS. Just looked at Last Exit To Nowhere, I especially like this one: – I like how they display what the price is!

      1. When it comes to movie-related clothes I have a selection of films I have to wear like other people wear designers. One of them is Alien/Aliens so you’ve picked a great t-shirt there. The other’s include Back To The Future, Jaws, and The Breakfast Club.

        Out of those autographs you’ve got I would have really loved to have met/got autograoph from Burstyn – great actress.

        Spacey does own the Vic I think. He was very friendly. Stayed for quite a while signing autographs and chatting. Jeff Goldblum was even nicer – people were giving him Jurassic Park and Independence Day stuff to sign – he was happy to sign anything but I remember Spacey would only sign Speed The Plow programmes, so those with Usual Suspects stuff were turned away.

  4. If I could afford it…that Bag End replica would be on my DVD shelfs. That’s a thing of beauty. Too early to be talking about christmas though.

  5. Want. Bag End. Now.

    Seriously, these are some amazing products, especially the last two, which are so wonderfully designed.

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