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I started writing this blog in September 2009, when I was studying a diploma in magazine journalism. Today, it’s a collection of my film-related thoughts, from cinema reviews to celebrating anniversaries.

I love films; I enjoy watching them, talking about them and finding out as much as I can about them.

I love following the film making process, from umming and ahhing over the casting decisions to arguing with the TV when the Best Picture winner at the Oscars is announced.

I like reading reviews, from fellow film fans to fully-fledged movie critics, and I enjoy watching/reading about award ceremonies, though I don’t always agree with the results and the nominees!

Established: September 2009


One thought on “This blog”

  1. Hi Claire –
    The background image is fantastic and I dig the site – and your commitment to it. Would love to hear any feedback for someone who is returning to their writing roots (Journalism major, Rutgers). Looking forward to exploring more on your site.

    – Dan

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A collection of film-related thoughts from a fantasy and sci-fi obsessive.

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