Thursday Movie Picks – Halloween/TMP Television Edition: Horror

For this week's Thursday Movie Picks, run by Wandering through the Shelves, we’ve been asked to list three to five TV shows from the horror genre. As usual I have based my selection from films I've watched. It was a hard call just picking five, as there were actually six in the running. A special... Continue Reading →

[TV Focus] Reign and OUAT

Every now and again, I stumble across a TV series that has me well and truly hooked. As I rarely watch TV and don’t have a Sky subscription I’m usually two or more series behind, meaning that I’m able to binge-watch the new found favourite. While I may have seen the odd episode, I’ve never... Continue Reading →

Comic-Con 2012

Once a year, a magical event takes place at the San Diego Convention Center where thousands of comic book, film and TV fans from all over the world come together. I've never been myself but from what I've see and read, it has to be one of the best - if not the ultimate - conventions to... Continue Reading →

Still a Truebie: roll on Season 4

n 5th July 2010, I wrote a blog post about an American TV show of which one critic said: "makes Twilight look like Lazy Town". Yes, I'm talking about True Blood. Nearly a year later after that post and I have finally been able to watch Season 3. You see, I only have the basic... Continue Reading →

I admit it, I’m a Truebie

According to a well-known social media site, I am one of 92,463 people who all love the same thing: True Blood. TrueBloodHBO currently has 92,463 followers on Twitter (87,059 when I started writing this post pre-Glastonbury on the 21st June, two weeks ago) and that number is set to rise due to the overwhelming response... Continue Reading →

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