[Review] Jurassic World

Science fiction has taught us many things over the years, from what the most sophisticated weapon is (a lightsaber) to the most efficient way to travel (teleportation). It’s also told us that designer babies are practically a certainty. These bespoke children, who inherit selected parts of their parents to allegedly give them the best chance... Continue Reading →

[Musical Monday] Jurassic Park

Following on from last week's debut Musical Mondays post, this week's post is dedicated to one of my favourite films, Jurassic Park. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may have read my Favourites Friday post about Jurassic Park - check it out here if you haven't. Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park is one... Continue Reading →

My 10 Most Iconic Movies Images

After seeing Nick's wonderful set of stills in his post 'My 13 Most Iconic Movie Images' over at Anomalous Material, I decided to have a go. They say a picture tells a thousands words and, whenever I see one of these images, it whisks me away and provides a great memory, be it happy, sad... Continue Reading →

Steven Spielberg talks Jurassic Park IV

“We have a story, I can happily announce,” Spielberg said to the cheering crowds in Hall H. “We have a writer who is writing the treatment and hopefully we are going to make Jurassic Park IV in all of your foreseeable futures – all of our foreseeable futures – hopefully, in the next two or... Continue Reading →

Favourites Friday – Jurassic Park

Welcome to JURASSIC PARK I'm not sure why but recently I've been talking about Jurassic Park quite a lot. For one, it's on my top 10 fantasy movie locations I wish existed. The first in the Jurassic Park trilogy, it was released in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielberg. Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Fantasy Movie Locations

I've been thinking about doing a top 10 for a while -- top 10 comic book adaptations, top 10 film baddies, top 10 mythical creatures -- and now I've decided on my very first one. One of the things I love about watching movies is that they are a window to something unusual, something out... Continue Reading →

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