Horror films: Can I finally stomach them?

Growing up Geraldine McEwan’s portrayal of Mortianna the witch in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) haunted my dreams for years. As did my brother’s plastic Dracula mask that – with the benefit of hindsight – I now realise wasn’t particularly frightening at all. If I did, on the very rare occasion, decide to take... Continue Reading →

Thursday Movie Picks – Halloween/TMP Television Edition: Horror

For this week's Thursday Movie Picks, run by Wandering through the Shelves, we’ve been asked to list three to five TV shows from the horror genre. As usual I have based my selection from films I've watched. It was a hard call just picking five, as there were actually six in the running. A special... Continue Reading →

Comedy or action? Depends on your mood

Yesterday I was talking to a colleague at work about how your mood is affected when drinking alcohol. We agreed that if you're feeling low or angry then drinking will increase those feelings and, conversely, if you're in a happy and excitable mood then drinking will increase those feelings too. That's in our experience anyway.... Continue Reading →

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