The Money Makers: the top 10 so far

The top 20 films of Box Office Mojo's '2011 worldwide grosses' featured all the films I expected. Mr Potter and co are still reigning supreme with their nearest contender, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, some $200 million behind. Kung Fu Panda 2 has done a lot better than I expected. While it does hold a... Continue Reading →

Cannes Film Festival 2011

he Berlin International Film Festival kick started the 'Big Three' in February. Presided over by Isabella Rossellini, it was a great success with True Grit opening the festival. German actor Armin Mueller-Stahl received the Honorary Golden Bear for lifetime achievement. The Golden Bear for Best Film went to the Iranian film Nader and Simin, A... Continue Reading →

Results of the Golden Globes 2011

The Social Network was King of the Awards at last night's Golden Globes though Brit favourites Colin Firth and Christian Bale took away Best Actor (Drama) and Best Supporting Actor respectively. Natalie Portman scooped Best Actress (Drama) for Black Swan while David Fincher took away Best Director and added to The Social Network's winnings. The... Continue Reading →

[Review] 127 Hours

127 Hours (2010) Dir: Danny Boyle Starring: James Franco Last night, in a sold out screening, I watched my first film of 2011: 127 Hours. The viewing experience went very quickly and when the film finished I could barely believe it had been 94 minutes - a stark comparison to how the real Aron Ralston... Continue Reading →

Preview: films to look out for in 2011

I readily admit that reviews aren't my strong point so one of my blogging resolutions is to have a go at writing reviews. I worked out that I saw over 20 films last year so I missed a trick review-wise. From the brilliant Toy Story 3 to the not-quite-so brilliant Valentine's Day - I thought... Continue Reading →

So long 2010, hello 2011!

Just over a year ago I posted 'So long 2009, hello 2010!' - a look back at 2009 and the decade. Did you know that the iPod was launched in October 2001 or that YouTube was founded in 2005? I also wrote that there are over 1.7 billion internet users across the world. Well, I... Continue Reading →

Golden Globes nominations 2011

STOP PRESS: Awards season is upon us. The nominations for the Golden Globes were announced by Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood in Beverly Hills this week. The King's Speech (which won the People’s Choice Award at the Toronto International Film Festival and Best British Independent Film at the British Independent Film Awards) is... Continue Reading →

First look: Thor

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Thor Odinson. I am a big fan of Marvel Comics and it's great to see another of the less known characters having their turn in the spotlight. After consulting my Marvel Encyclopedia it's surprising to see just how many Marvel characters have had their own feature film. It's far... Continue Reading →

First look: Jane Eyre

*TRAILER RELEASED FOR JANE EYRE (2011) I really, really hope this will be released in the UK though, rather cryptically, there is currently only an American release date and it will only be released in 'select' cinemas. My reasons why I want to see it are three-fold: 1. Though I have not read the book,... Continue Reading →

First look: Cowboys & Aliens

TRAILER RELEASED FOR COWBOYS & ALIENS (2011) Now then, the first Cowboys & Aliens trailer was released this week and I'm not sure what I think yet. I don't know what I was expecting but this appears to be a very serious trailer with no trace of comedy: Daniel Craig seems to have lost his... Continue Reading →

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