[Movies of the Month] December


Saving Mr Banks 
– Enjoyable, light drama with good turns by Hanks and Thompson. ★★★½
2012 – Fantastic effects but a mediocre cast and ultimately depressing story. ★★★
Angel – Chosen because a pre-breakthrough Fassbender stars in it, this screams Elizabeth Taylor and is the very definition of ‘melodramatic’. ★★½
The Ridiculous Six – Completely daft from start to finish, it does have some funny moments, usually down to Lautner’s likeable performance. ★★½
Noel – Standard Christmas tearjerker material that is lifted by touching performances from Sarandon and Williams. ★★★½
Men in Black 3 – Entertaining addition to the series; Brolin makes a fantastic young Agent K. ★★★½
The Way Way Back – Excellent coming-of-age tale with great casting. ★★★★
Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Thoroughly enjoyable with interesting, engaging new characters. This is a hugely promising start to the new trilogy ★★★★½
It’s a Wonderful Life – A beautiful film with a powerful story that continues to resonate today. ★★★★½
Aloha – The rating is purely for the stunning scenery. ★½
The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride – Sadly no comparison to its predecessor; it doesn’t have as much of an emotive story or as powerful and engaging music. ★★½
The Shawshank Redemption – Fascinating, from start to finish. ★★★★★

Home Alone – A Christmas classic that has grown men in fits of laughter. ★★★★
Scrooged – Donner’s adaptation of the Dickensian favourite sees Murray expertly cast as the focal character. ★★★½
Die Hard – Another ‘Christmas classic’, this is a solid action romp complete with ‘interesting’ accents  and Eighties hairstyles. ★★★★
Star Trek Into Darkness – Dark and devious, and that’s just Cumberbatch’s character. it’s a strong follow up to the new film series. ★★★★
Frozen – Not the strongest Disney flick but entertaining nonetheless, especially when it’s a Christmas sing-a-long showing… ★★★½
Elf – Cheery and kitsch, this has now cemented itself among families and film fans alike as a modern Christmas favourite. ★★★½
The Lion King – Arguably the biggest and best film from the Disney stable, it continues to hold its own as the years pass by. ★★★★½

Total: 16

Since 1/1/15 

New releases: 8
1st timers: 84
Rewatches: 73
Documentaries: 1
Total: 166


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