Favourites Friday – Jurassic Park

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I’m not sure why but recently I’ve been talking about Jurassic Park quite a lot. For one, it’s on my top 10 fantasy movie locations I wish existed.

The first in the Jurassic Park trilogy, it was released in 1993 and directed by Steven Spielberg. Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum headed the cast with support from the wonderful Richard Attenborough as billionaire John Hammond.

The plot is pretty simple: advancements in scientific technology mean an island full of living dinosaurs but when a park employee tries to steal dinosaur embryos, chaos ensues courtesy of an electricity fail.

I really, really like Jurassic Park and it is undoubtedly one of my favourite films.

Oxford Dictionaries Online defines ‘blockbuster’ as: “a thing of great power or size, in particular a film, book, or other product that is a great commercial success.” Jurassic Park definitely fits the bill. According to Box Office Mojo, its gross worldwide revenue is $914,691,118 (approx £576,219,672). Crikey.

My bumper ‘Radio Times Guide to Films 2011’ lists Jurassic Park as a ‘landmark film’: “Spielberg abandons stop-motion in favour of the newly tested Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and the industry follows.”

I vote that Jurassic Park should be re-released in cinemas today or at least at my local cinema as a special favour. I would have loved to have seen it on the big screen. The effects hold their ground and the dinosaurs truly are the stars of the film. It has an exciting plot which really sparks your imagination and, while cloning dinosaur DNA is a very bad thing, how amazing would it be to see these fantastic beasts in the flesh?

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  1. I loved this when it came out and was lucky enough to see it at the cinema. It’s up there with Terminator 2 in terms of proper stunning jaw dropping effects. The whole feel of the island just worked on the big screen

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